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Giving Publicly Traded Stock

Help provide talented people the freedom to create and share America's stories.

Publicly Traded Stock

Your gift of publicy traded stock can help you and [[station_name]] yield high returns for education, the arts and culture in our community.

Your gift of stock can also provide attractive tax savings.  The first being that you can claim an immediate tax deduction.  If the stock is worth more now than what you paid for it more than a year ago, you will be able to claim the full benefit of the stock's current fair market value.  You can also avoid capital gains tax when you donate as opposed to selling this appreciated stock.      

You may find that these tax savings can help you make a larger gift than you originally thought possible.  Giving stock can help you and [[station_name]] convert your stock market gains into real community change. 

Learning More

To learn more about giving publicly traded stock, mutual funds and other investments, please contact [[contact_name]] at [[contact_phone]] or [[contact_email]].  We would be honored to work with you and your advisors as you consider your plans.

Please consult with your professional advisor for advice on the full impact of your charitable giving on your financial and/or legal circumstances. 

Learning and Planning Resources: